Welcome sign/Wall hanging
Ashtray and bottle holders
Wood toys
Adhesive tape holder
Walking/hiking stick
Shoe horn
Photo frame/Bottle stopper
Napkin ring/Animal spoon
Bottle/Letter opener
Animal stapler/Bookend
Bookend/Pencil sharpener
Wooden hangings/Magnet
Doorstopper/Phone holder
Practical wooden items
Christmas ornament
Animal head keyring
Wooden pens

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Posted by:  2jac.jac@wanadoo.fr
Content:  We look for fabricant of strong wooden walking stick in different sizes ad models Quant:20000/30000pieces.If you are interested please contact us by return.

Posted by:  2jac.jac@wanadoo.fr
Content:  we are interested by wooden walking stick with animal head.Could you fabric special animal head?such as marmot,bear,chamois,sheep,cow? Could you send us pricelist,Fob china,MOQ by item, Thanks Best regards Cauvis jack

Posted by:  syra.retail@gmail.com
Content:  I like your wooden animal pens very much. I am thinking about selling them in my store. Is it possible for me to receive a pricelist please? I would appreciate it very much. Best regards, Suzanne

Posted by:  jon
Content:  arts

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